Bushnell Engage Scope Review 4-16x44mm

The Engage line of rifle scopes and binoculars is an aggressive push from Bushnell to meet market demands for optics packed with features at near entry level price points.

The model we have for testing is the Engage 4-16×44 and we paired it with the new Weaver MSR mount. The rifle you’ve seen before in silencer testing, it’s the CMMG Anvil chambered in .458 SOCOM. Read more »

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Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Weapon Light

PL-Mini Valkyrie: Compact, lightweight, bright and rechargeable.

When it comes to weapons lights there are a lot of options and a lot of features to consider in addition to what your price point is and what applications you plan on using it for.

Lumens are one of the first considerations, Read more »

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Ti-Rant 9M – AAC – Advanced Armament Corporation Silencer Review

A closer look at the Ti-Rant 9M from AAC – Advanced Armament Corporation in both full and short (K) configurations with super and subsonic ammunition as well as running it “wet”.

Read more »

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Mission First Tactical AR-15 upgrades: spice up that base AR.

A question we get a lot here is “I bought a base AR, what can I do to spice it up that won’t break the bank?”

Some options are very easy and cost effective.  The TP15MRS drop in rail, for example, completely changes the front end of your rifle and has an MSRP of under $40.  Read more »

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Body Armor Threat Levels

Body armor is a necessary piece of equipment for law enforcement agents, security agents, bodyguards, and unfortunately has become common place for even EMS and Fire personnel. When working in or commuting through higher risk areas, even the every day citizen can have a need for an extra level of protection.

Ballistic resistant armor comes in many shapes and sizes as well as styles and levels of protection. There is also a difference in how stab and spike resistant and bulletproof armor works.  Just because a certain product is rated for one, doesn’t mean it’s rated for the others. Read more »


Sig Sauer Romeo 5 XDR OPMOD Variant from Optics Planet

Our latest review takes a look at the OPMOD variant of the Sig Romeo 5 XDR from Optics Planet. With one of our favorite reticles, the 65MOA outer circle with 2MOA inner circle, 8 daylight and 2 night vision settings and upto 50,000 hours of life on a single AAA battery and an IPX7 rating this optic checks most of the boxes we look for.

We’ll answer some of the questions about how it has held up and if there have been any issues with returning to a battery that’s mounted inline with rifle, as opposed to a transverse mount. Read more »

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Remington’s new 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive

Testing for the full review on the new 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive from Remington is complete and the results are in.

Two months ago we gave you the first ‘in the wild’ video on the R1 Ultralight Executive: FIRST LOOK: The R1 1911 Ultralight Executive from Remington .  Initial testing was extremely positive and it ate all the dirty reloads we could feed it.  It was also our first attempt at pulling off a non stop video with no cuts detailing our experiences in an unedited format.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive so we decided to try it again for the full review.  Read more »

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Bowers VERS 458 SOCOM Silencer & CMMG Anvil MkW-15 review

458 SOCOM is one of those niche calibers that you really can’t appreciate until you get behind one and start shooting it. For me it’s probably not something I’d get much practical use out of right now but my dreams of moving back south one day live on. If I do, this hard hitting round makes for an ideal hog slayer as Lone Star Boars regularly demonstrates in their videos.

The .458 SOCOM round has a wide variety of chamberings from 140 grains all the way up to 500 grains and if you want the most of out your rifle and silencer the pair we just tested seems to fit that bill nicely. Read more »

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HatsanUSA MOD 125 Sniper Vortex QE review and Intro to Air Rifles

Air Rifles are something we haven’t covered here at 13C before and we’ve had several questions and suggestions from subscribers on these so it’s definitely time to take a look at some.

The first air gun we are taking a look at is the MOD 125 Sniper Vortex QE from HatsanUSA. Coming in at 9.3 pounds and pushing a lead .22 pellet up to 1,000fps or a lead free pellet up to 1250fps this isn’t the old pellet rifle from when I was a child. Read more »

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“Multiburst Trigger Activator” ban- Indiana State Senator introduces anti-gun bills.

Sen. Greg Taylor

State Senator Greg Taylor (D, Dist 33) has introduced two different bills for the 2018 legislative session poised at limitng the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Indiana.

These bills deal with legislators being allowed to carry handguns to the Capitol Complex and a ban on a so called “multiburst trigger activator”.

SB 148 would prevent fellow Senators and Representatives from carrying their otherwise lawfully possessed handgun onto the Capitol complex without first taking “specific handgun training”.  Exactly what this training is? No one really knows and it doesn’t seem to be specified at this point.

Read more »

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