Another Newtown could be prevented by cracking down on Home Schooling?

Time and again I’ve made the contention that Gun Control is about Control.  It isn’t about keeping anyone safe and most of those who lead these charges know full well what they are doing:  Using a tragedy to further their political agendas, government positions or line their pockets. By the end of this article I think you’ll agree with me.

Sandy Hook Commission

Sandy Hook Commission

The latest proof comes in the form of a proposed crack down on Home Schooling as recommended by the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission under the authority of Governor Malloy.  Under the new Connecticut Children’s Behavioral Health Plan children who are Home Schooled would be subject to mental health evaluations and children found to have “behavioral and emotional disabilities” would be required to have individualized education plans approved by the special education director of the local public school district.

In addition Home Schooling would only be “allowed to continue” if the student was documented as having made “adequate progress” in their plans as part of mandatory annual report and review process.

Home Schooling is on the rise in the US and for school districts this means one thing:  LESS MONEY.  Every “ass in the seat”, as one Chicago administrator put it, means more money from the Federal Government.  This money isn’t paid out on a yearly basis any more, it’s paid based upon the number of ‘asses in the seats’… each and every school day.  If you were wondering why it’s so hard to get an excused absence ahead of time from a school for the past couple of years and many school no longer allow you to get assignments ahead of time for those abscesses, that’s why.

The other agenda?  “It’s takes a village to raise a child”.  It’s been the mantra of those in DC for decades and in CT, they see their chance to put the squeeze on these rouge Home Schoolers.

Let’s take a quick look at the Newtown mass murderer* .  He spent many years in public school, in fact he went to Sandy Hook Elementary for 5 years.  He also attended the local High School through 10th grade and ultimately got a High School Diploma from that school. According to NBC he got a 95.9% on his Algebra placement test there.  It’s also important to note that he was 20 years old at the time of the murders and had graduated from High School years earlier.

What about these mental health assessments, could they prevent another Sandy Hook?  It’s very unlikely and the school boards and Governor of CT KNOW IT!  Dr. Susan Schmeiser, a professor of mental health law at the University of Connecticut Law School, has stressed that a diagnosis of mental illness alone makes a “very weak predictor” of violence.

So what is the end goal?  Control…. and this time some money too.


*Authors note, I purposefully do not include the names of serial murderers in my articles unless absolutely necessary.


First Look: DPMS G2 Recon in .308

dpmsg2pstsideI’ve been asked for some time what .308 AR style rifle I’d recommend for those who don’t want to shell out the coin for something like a SCAR 17s or some of the high end AR-10 style rifles on the market.  I’ve been hesitant simply because it wasn’t something I’d personally ventured into and not at the lower price points.

While prices for AR-15 style rifles chambered in 5.56 have plummeted recently, the offerings in .308 have stayed relatively flat. Likewise other .308 rifle offerings have held on as well, only recently have we seen the M1A finally start to come down in price.

In my searching I’ve come across what appears to be a very solid offering from DPMS in their G2 line.  I picked up their Recon model and it seems to be a solid rifle and the price point makes it even more attractive.

DPMSG2toppstOne of the first things you’ll probably notice on the G2 Recon are the magpul accessories such as the stock, pistol grip and backup iron sights (MBUIS).  You’ll also notice the forward hand guard has a quad rail system and a free floated 16″ stainless steel bead blasted barrel.

In the full review I’ll cover some other features such as the monolithic bolt carrier and extended ejection port and commonality with some off the shelf milspec parts.

For this initial look I was concerned on getting out my first impressions and getting the rifle and optic on paper.  Sight in with the iron sights was quick, with minimal adjustments I got the MBUIS to a rough zero.  Next I tackled the Vortex Viper PST, which I had on an American Defense QD mount.

My initial impressions on the G2 Recon are quite positive and I’m looking forward to getting some more trigger time with it and putting it through it’s paces.  Not to mention getting some match ammo and shooting it for groups.

As those of you who are following the 13C channel know the new property is finally a reality and I’ve had my hands full with it, the full range won’t be done for a couple of months.

I made a short video of the hour or so I was able to get out to a public range and get sighted it, be sure to check it out on the 13C YouTube Page and subscribe for the full review coming later.

*Originally posted by Joe at TheBangSwitch


Tragic accident in AZ, 9 year old loses control and shoots her instructor

9yearolddeaduziA tragic story out of Arizona.  A nine year old girl on vacation with her parents got an opportunity to fire an Uzi at “Bullets and Burgers” an outdoor range about 60 miles south east of Las Vegas.

The instructor, Charles Vacca, can be seen instructing the girl moments before the tragic accident.

As a parent of three daughters, two of which are 8 and 10, I find it extremely disturbing on many levels.

I’ve helped numerous children of varying ages fire their first rounds and while I am not a certified instructor, the attention you have to pay to a new shooter, especially of a young age, is crucial.

shootmazhinegunIn the video shot moments before the Uzi being fired appears to be semi automatic.  Select fire (aka full auto) rentals are very prevalent in that area, I have to wonder if the accident occurred when / if the carbine was switched into fully automatic fire.

My prayers and thoughts go out to the families involved, especially for the little girl.  I can’t imagine the mental trauma she is experiencing right now because of this accident and, while this may sound harsh, the improper supervision of her instructor.

Ultimately this event falls squarely on his shoulders, as the instructor of a nine year old, everything that happened was his responsibility.  I can only assume he allowed himself to be distracted for a split second or stepped too far back to allow the parents to get more video without him in it.

As you all have seen in my videos on YouTube and FaceBook, I have a more hands off approach to shooting with my now 10 year old.  She consistently demonstrates safe gun handling and proficiency with her rifle.  On the other hand you’ll see me as a “mother goose” and less than an arms reach away with other children, including my youngest daughter.

Again my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families affected by this tragedy.

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Adding Body Armor to your kit.

The first thought that pops into a persons mind when they hear body armor is usually “When would I need something like that?”.  It’s a fair question and one that I’ve frequently thought myself, considering I don’t currently find myself being shot at, let alone threatened with weapons any more, the subject of armor isn’t usually on the forefront of my mind.

vegasmillershootingsA few months ago a deranged couple in Nevada went on a short lived murder spree in a Ci-Ci’s Pizza and Walmart.  A armed Citizen confronted the male murderer and was shot in the back by his female accomplice.

Setting aside situational awareness, this scenario could happen to anyone and in fact a few minutes earlier, the same thing happened to the second police officer murdered that day as that officer focused in on the male assailant and was shot in the back by the female as well.

Tunnel vision happens.  You can train to mitigate it all you want but unless you are regularly put under that level of stress and learn from your mistakes (by living through them), you can’t assume you won’t also suffer from tunnel vision to some extent or another.

Several readers have asked me about Body Armor after that incident and again with the recent stir in California.  I’ll be taking an in depth look at the armor itself in the next few weeks.  Today we’ll cover some basics.

Soft vs Hard Armor.  If you are looking into adding armor to your EDC kit, soft armor is the way to go.  Hard armor might be a option for home defense but I would assume most people would have their covert armor pull double duty, at least initially.  The best armor you have, is the armor you are actually wearing.

This is usually where the old “hide in your bedroom with yer scatter gun” crowd chimes in.  I’ve got a wife and three daughters.  I can’t “hunker down” should something go bump in the night and leave my family to fend for themselves.  At a MINIMUM I have to secure my children and that means leaving the bedroom and venturing through the house in the middle of the night.


Stealth model concealable soft armor from Safe Guard

Covert vests are offered up to NIJ level IIIa and hold between 22 and 32 layers of Kevlar.  A level II vest protects against 9mm 124 gr FMJ Remington rounds traveling at speeds up to 1175 feet per second as well as .357 Magnum 158gr SJSP Remington rounds traveling at speeds up to 1395 feet per second and will also provide protection against lower level threats.

Level IIIa vests, on the other hand, offer more protection and can withstand 9mm 124gr FMJ Remington rounds traveling at speeds up to 1400 feet per second as well as .44 Mag 240gr SWC GC Remington traveling at speeds up to 1400 feet per second, and all lower levels.

Given pricing differences and advances in technology, it doesn’t really make sense to buy level II any more.  If opting for soft armor choose lvl IIIa, most manufactures, such as SafeGuardArmor only charge an additional $100 or so for the increased protection.

tacpro-black_1Hard Armor is a significant upgrade from soft armor in regards to the threat levels they can stop as well as the weight and bulkiness of armor.  Hard Armor varies and can be anything from stand alone ceramic or steel coated plates to systems that “stack” on top of lvl IIIa soft armor.  Remember if you are choosing “steel” plates, make sure they have a coating designed to trap the fragmentation of the bullets as they impact the plate.

Quality lvl 4 armor can stop .30 Caliber 166 gr MZ Armor Piercing rounds traveling at speeds as high as 2880 feet per second and 30-06 Armor Piercing 166gr traveling at speeds as high as 2850 feet per second.

You might also want to consider choosing a vest that is also rated to stop knife and stabbing attacks.  Just because a vest has a ballistic rating doesn’t mean it will stop slashing and stabbing attacks as well.

Like a firearm, Body Armor isn’t a magic talisman and for it to help you, you have to have it on you.  I’ll be addressing the ease of donning the various types of armor as well as going more in depth about armor, choices and some situations you might want to consider having armor available for.


and… we’re back up!


Corn Fields at the new 13C homestead.

Thanks for your patience everyone.  During the physical move the 13C website was also ‘upgraded’.

WordPress and my hosting site (1and1) apparently don’t always play nice.  The good news is we are back up, the bad news we lost over a months worth of content here on the site.

I’ll try and recover what I can but my main focus will be moving forward with more new content.

Thank you all for your support!


USSC ruling on straw purchases… felonies for everyone.

USSCbuildingIn a shocking display of contempt for the Constitution, not to mention the actual laws enacted by Congress, the USSC ruled 5-4 today that any person buying a gun for any one else is committing a felony.  Period.

Wife buying for her Deputy Sheriff husband with no criminal record?  Felony.  Period.

The ruling stems from a case where a police officer bought a Glock handgun (presumably for the LEO discount) and then sold it immediately there after to his law abiding uncle.  Neither party was a prohibited person at the time.

Previously the law was meant to prohibit a person with a clean record from buying a firearm for someone who was prohibiting from buying it themselves.  That made sense.  This current ruling steps completely beyond the current laws scope.

Justice Kagan tried to justify the Majority opinion by saying: “No piece of information is more important under federal firearms law than the identity of a gun’s purchaser — the person who acquires a gun as a result of a transaction with a licensed dealer.”

Judge Scalia wrote the scathing dissenting opinion and had this to say:
“The court makes it a federal crime for one lawful gun owner to buy a gun for another lawful gun owner.  He continued, “Whether or not that is a sensible result, the statutes Congress enacted do not support it.”

This is another blow for the Right to Keep and Bear arms by the Supreme Court which ruled earlier in the year that ANY ‘domestic violence’ incident disqualifies a person from self defense, even “offensive touching”.

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T-REx rail for the IWI Tavor

close trex shrunkThe 13C video review and blog article for the T-REx rail are live!

It’s a very solid aftermarket rail from Homeland Guns and definitely worth taking a look at if you are searching rail options for your Tavor.

You can see the YouTube review here:

The written article is live over on The Bang Switch HERE


Breaking: Armed ‘civilian’ stops mass murder spree in Vegas.

VegasNELLISSHOOTOUTLas Vegas, NV:  Two suspects went on a “revolution” rampage in Las Vegas today.

Details are still emerging but a man and woman walked into a Cici’s pizza (ignoring the no guns sign) and shot two Metro PD officers who were having lunch.

The female shot officer Soldo in the back of his head while he was refilling his soda.  His partner, Officer Beck was shot multiple times as he tried to draw his pistol.  He was later pronounced dead at a local trauma center.

After shooting the two officers the murders stripped the officers of their weapons and shouted “This is the start of the revolution!” before leaving the pizzeria.

The two murders walked to the nearby Walmart where they opened fire killing a woman inside the store.  A quick thinking shopper was carrying a concealed handgun in the Walmart and exchanged gunfire with the pair of murders, injuring at least one.

Cicis_Pizza_2_t588Tragically it appears the armed civilian may have died from injuries sustained in the gunfight.

The pair of of murderers then retreated outside of the Walmart and killed themselves.

Details are still emerging and Metro PD isn’t taking the “revolution” threat lightly, they are doubling up officers just in case of copy cats.


Nearly 300,000 Californians vote for gun smuggler

In March TBS covered a story out of California about Senator Leeland Yee.  The short of the story is a rabidly anti-gun Senator got busted trying to set up an internal arms deal involving everything from machine guns to rocket launchers.

senator YeeThis week nearly 300,000 Californians voted to nominate that very same man to be their next Secretary of State.  That’s something I simply can’t wrap my mind around and it perfectly illustrates the dangers of blindly voting for “a letter” without knowing any thing about the person you are voting for.

At this point you are probably wondering what the indicted Senator is still doing on the ballot, apparently the cut off date to remove him from the ballot was a few days before the charges were filed against him.

Just another day in California I suppose…

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July 1st will see armed administrators at schools in Monon, IN.

north-white-high-schoolMonon, IN

The North White School Corporation has voted unanimously to allow Administrators and school board members to carry concealed firearms in their schools starting July 1st 2014.

“We heard from both sides on the argument,” said Shannon Mattix, board president of the Monon-based district in White County. “Basically, as a board, we stuck with facts and statistics over emotion. It’s an emotional issue.”

Mattix went on to say they considered hiring an armed resource officer but ultimately decided against it for several reasons, including costs.

In addition to being required to carry concealed and with a level 2 or 3 retention holster, those wishing to carrying concealed will also need to take 40 hours of training and undergo a annual psychological evaluation.  They will also only be allowed to carry “a semiautomatic handgun”.  It’s unclear as to reason for discriminating against revolvers.

“First of all, we hope nothing ever happens like that,” president Mattix said, referring to an murderer. “It’s just an additional layer (of protection) in addition to things we’re already doing at the school corporation.”

Here at 13C we applaud the decision to arm these school personnel, even if we disagree with the required psych evals… if these people need an evaluation, they shouldn’t be in these positions to begin with.

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