USSC ruling on straw purchases… felonies for everyone.

USSCbuildingIn a shocking display of contempt for the Constitution, not to mention the actual laws enacted by Congress, the USSC ruled 5-4 today that any person buying a gun for any one else is committing a felony.  Period.

Wife buying for her Deputy Sheriff husband with no criminal record?  Felony.  Period.

The ruling stems from a case where a police officer bought a Glock handgun (presumably for the LEO discount) and then sold it immediately there after to his law abiding uncle.  Neither party was a prohibited person at the time.

Previously the law was meant to prohibit a person with a clean record from buying a firearm for someone who was prohibiting from buying it themselves.  That made sense.  This current ruling steps completely beyond the current laws scope.

Justice Kagan tried to justify the Majority opinion by saying: “No piece of information is more important under federal firearms law than the identity of a gun’s purchaser — the person who acquires a gun as a result of a transaction with a licensed dealer.”

Judge Scalia wrote the scathing dissenting opinion and had this to say:
“The court makes it a federal crime for one lawful gun owner to buy a gun for another lawful gun owner.  He continued, “Whether or not that is a sensible result, the statutes Congress enacted do not support it.”

This is another blow for the Right to Keep and Bear arms by the Supreme Court which ruled earlier in the year that ANY ‘domestic violence’ incident disqualifies a person from self defense, even “offensive touching”.

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T-REx rail for the IWI Tavor

close trex shrunkThe 13C video review and blog article for the T-REx rail are live!

It’s a very solid aftermarket rail from Homeland Guns and definitely worth taking a look at if you are searching rail options for your Tavor.

You can see the YouTube review here:

The written article is live over on The Bang Switch HERE


Breaking: Armed ‘civilian’ stops mass murder spree in Vegas.

VegasNELLISSHOOTOUTLas Vegas, NV:  Two suspects went on a “revolution” rampage in Las Vegas today.

Details are still emerging but a man and woman walked into a Cici’s pizza (ignoring the no guns sign) and shot two Metro PD officers who were having lunch.

The female shot officer Soldo in the back of his head while he was refilling his soda.  His partner, Officer Beck was shot multiple times as he tried to draw his pistol.  He was later pronounced dead at a local trauma center.

After shooting the two officers the murders stripped the officers of their weapons and shouted “This is the start of the revolution!” before leaving the pizzeria.

The two murders walked to the nearby Walmart where they opened fire killing a woman inside the store.  A quick thinking shopper was carrying a concealed handgun in the Walmart and exchanged gunfire with the pair of murders, injuring at least one.

Cicis_Pizza_2_t588Tragically it appears the armed civilian may have died from injuries sustained in the gunfight.

The pair of of murderers then retreated outside of the Walmart and killed themselves.

Details are still emerging and Metro PD isn’t taking the “revolution” threat lightly, they are doubling up officers just in case of copy cats.


Nearly 300,000 Californians vote for gun smuggler

In March TBS covered a story out of California about Senator Leeland Yee.  The short of the story is a rabidly anti-gun Senator got busted trying to set up an internal arms deal involving everything from machine guns to rocket launchers.

senator YeeThis week nearly 300,000 Californians voted to nominate that very same man to be their next Secretary of State.  That’s something I simply can’t wrap my mind around and it perfectly illustrates the dangers of blindly voting for “a letter” without knowing any thing about the person you are voting for.

At this point you are probably wondering what the indicted Senator is still doing on the ballot, apparently the cut off date to remove him from the ballot was a few days before the charges were filed against him.

Just another day in California I suppose…

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July 1st will see armed administrators at schools in Monon, IN.

north-white-high-schoolMonon, IN

The North White School Corporation has voted unanimously to allow Administrators and school board members to carry concealed firearms in their schools starting July 1st 2014.

“We heard from both sides on the argument,” said Shannon Mattix, board president of the Monon-based district in White County. “Basically, as a board, we stuck with facts and statistics over emotion. It’s an emotional issue.”

Mattix went on to say they considered hiring an armed resource officer but ultimately decided against it for several reasons, including costs.

In addition to being required to carry concealed and with a level 2 or 3 retention holster, those wishing to carrying concealed will also need to take 40 hours of training and undergo a annual psychological evaluation.  They will also only be allowed to carry “a semiautomatic handgun”.  It’s unclear as to reason for discriminating against revolvers.

“First of all, we hope nothing ever happens like that,” president Mattix said, referring to an murderer. “It’s just an additional layer (of protection) in addition to things we’re already doing at the school corporation.”

Here at 13C we applaud the decision to arm these school personnel, even if we disagree with the required psych evals… if these people need an evaluation, they shouldn’t be in these positions to begin with.

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Review of the Auto Reset target from Challenge Targets

IMG_4257shrunkThe latest 13C review is live on You Tube.

Since the first “PING!” I heard off a steel target I’ve loved them.  They are addictive and add another level to plinking or target shooting.  One of the down sides in the past to steel targets were their lack of portability.  A few manufactures have taken that issue to task and Challenge Targets is one of them.

ARtargetfrontToday I’m taking a look at the Auto Reset handgun target, it’s similar in design to the Stake and Shoot rifle rated target I reviewed last year but with a new twist.  Instead of having a spring system that just flexes or leans backwards, the Auto Reset actually falls down and then pops back up.  It’s not something you would normally see on such a portable and easy to transport target and it’s accomplished with a simple spring.

You can read my full review over on The Bang Switch.

Be sure to visit the YouTube review for a 15% off discount coupon code for Challenge Targets for 13C subscribers.

You can find the Auto Reset target here.

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Hypocritical Episcopal Church bans guns in response to GA HB60

Robert C WrightThe Right to self defense has been well understood for millennium.  The Bible clearly articulates the justified killings of evil men and nations in self defense.

Bishop Robert Wright of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta apparently places his political views ahead of Biblical teachings.  The ‘bishop’ has banned firearms on all church property in middle and north Georgia.

Speaking of his ban on firearms Wright says: “My judgment and this policy are based on the normative understanding of the teachings of Jesus as the Episcopal Church has received them”.

Let us first start at the obvious problem with ‘Bishop’ Wright’s position: He exempts on duty law enforcement.  If he truly believes what he is preaching, how could a piece of metal (a badge) give one person the religious authority to kill someone?  Either a person has a Right to self defense or they don’t.  It’s preposterous to think a secular entity could grant an exemption to God’s Word, if that is truly what Wright believes.

Next let us briefly look to the “teachings of Jesus” that Wright apparently refuses to even acknowledge.

At the last supper Christ gives His final instructions to us.  He talks about the disciples needing to start doing things for themselves after He is betrayed.  In  Luke 22:36 –  He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

That’s right, Jesus not only tells the disciples to carry a sword but it is so important he tells them to sell their cloak and buy one if they don’t have one.

Episcopal Church ban on firearms notification.

Episcopal Church ban on firearms notification.

A few people might counter with what happens later in the garden when Jesus says “those who live by the sword die by the sword”.  Only a fool would think the Son of God would contradict himself less than 12 hours after He issued a commandment.  I believe Christ is speaking not just to Peter but also to the Romans who were about to start killing them.  Basically He was saying ‘There is a time and a place, my time is now and I must be taken in to fulfill prophesy and you must continue to spear the Word’.

The old testament has similar instructions, take Nehemiah 4  for example “Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other and each of the builders wore his sword at his side as he worked” and “each had his weapon, even when he went for water.”

I’m not sure what Bible the ‘bishop’ is reading but mine is pretty clear.  God the Father and Jesus wants us to be able to defend ourselves against evil, both spiritual AND physical.

If you are a Christian that happens to be a member of any Episcopal (or other denomination) church or diocese that ignores the teachings of Jesus Christ, I’d suggest you find another church.

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April 19th, the original Patriots Day.

Battle_of_Lexington_1775Two Hundred Thirty Nine years ago years of oppression and tyranny came to a head in Middlesex county.  The infamous “Shot Heard Round the World”.

It was actually quite a few shots that started in Lexington and Concord and continued as colonists Patriots defended themselves, their homes and families and chased the British through other towns like Lincoln, Menotony and Cambridge, back to Charlestown and starting the siege of Boston and the American Revolution.

I celebrate this day every year.  It’s a day where hundreds of people initially gathered and whose ranks swelled throughout the day and hundreds more Minutemen poured in to the area from all over New England.  Many knew each other but some Minutemen traveled for hours to join their countrymen, in some cases 12 hours or more.   It was historic and certainly unprecedented.

You can read the rest of my article over on The Bang Switch

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Let them eat turtle? The Patriots vs the government.

1979498_757003787664480_5853638361100748192_nI don’t think most people realize how close the BLM situation in Nevada came from becoming the second shot heard round the world.

Some folks were asking what ‘main stream’ media was covering this, KHQ NBC in Nevada had this had this.

The articles fail to mention that there were hundreds upon hundreds of armed Americans who showed up yesterday as well.



“And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”  – Jefferson


I am thankful yesterday ended peacefully.  I have no doubt that the hundreds of brave American men and women who put their lives on the line by armed (peaceful) presence yesterday are directly responsible for such a benevolent outcome.


First Amendment Area. Seriously.

Yesterday we saw an out of control agency act with respect and reason, where in days prior unarmed protestors had been corralled into “First Amendment areas”, tasered and women thrown to the ground like rag dolls.  What changed?

Hundreds of Americans, exercising their Right to self defense, showed up in addition to the hundreds of unarmed protestors.  Funny how that works… when only one side has the guns, they tend to run rough shod over the other.

1959497_10151917378615876_1655608561854301998_nCropedI don’t think the situation with the Bundy ranch is over but what is over, for now, is an out of control agency completely ignoring the Constitution.


You can read a great article about it over on The Bang Switch but in a tiny nut shell, the BLM told the protestors to disarm and the protestors said “You first.”  The BLM then left.  Wow.


The cows come home.

Watch this 4 minute clip of a rancher explaining what is going with the BLM:


You can find out more about the BLM here, it’s very well done and worth your time:

Ever notice how all these things seem to happen in April?

Join us on Facebook, Twitter , Google+ and of course the 13C YouTube page to keep up to date on this and other issues relating to Liberty and Freedom and reason why we can defend them, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

How much land does .gov own?  It might shock you:

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Florida Family shoots home invader.

penahomeinvasionStories have been flooding the news lately about home owners shooting would be home  invaders but this story is a little different.  This time a family shoots a home invader… together.

When 40 year old Mitchell Large started breaking into the rear of Pena family home, the Father, Mother and oldest son all retrieved their firearms and acted to defend their home and their family.

mitchelllargesuspectThe father fired a warning shot first which did no deter Mitchel’s advance.  That’s when the family of three fired multiple rounds, striking and killing the home invader.

“It appears at least two of the family members fired in defense of themselves and their property,” said Police Chief Gary Hester.  No charges are likely to filed against the three family members.  A fourth woman, the daughter of Mr. Pena, was home during the invasion but did not witness the shooting.

Do you have a plan to defend your home with your family?  This might be the right time to sit down and draw up some home defense plans with your loved ones.

You can see a video report of the incident here:

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