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Opening a Champagne Bottle with style.

Style and champagne go hand in hand.  Even in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse you are going to need to maintain some semblance of flair and dignity [..]

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I’m happy to say the 13C site is back up again!

I am seriously considering moving away from both WordPress and 1and1 hosting after this latest bit of down time and lost posts.  I’m not sure I believe 13C [..]


Another Newtown could be prevented by cracking down on Home Schooling?

Time and again I’ve made the contention that Gun Control is about Control.  It isn’t about keeping anyone safe and most of those who lead these charges know [..]


and… we’re back up!

Thanks for your patience everyone.  During the physical move the 13C website was also ‘upgraded’. WordPress and my hosting site (1and1) apparently don’t always play nice.  The good [..]


T-REx rail for the IWI Tavor

The 13C video review and blog article for the T-REx rail are live! It’s a very solid aftermarket rail from Homeland Guns and definitely worth taking a look [..]


Breaking: Armed ‘civilian’ stops mass murder spree in Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV:  Two suspects went on a “revolution” rampage in Las Vegas today. Details are still emerging but a man and woman walked into a Cici’s pizza [..]


Florida Family shoots home invader.

Stories have been flooding the news lately about home owners shooting would be home  invaders but this story is a little different.  This time a family shoots a [..]

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VZ-2008 Review and take down.

The rifle has some unique features you won’t find on an AK such as a last round bolt hold.  The benefits of a last round bolt hold cut [..]


Review and take down of the VZ-2008

The review of the VZ-2008 I picked up from Aimsurplus is live on YouTube- We’ll be teaming up with Military Arms Channel for a comparison of several different [..]


Massive Civil Disobedience: The media is starting to recognize Americans don’t want to register their firearms.

As previously reported here on 13C less than 50,000 assault weapons were registered in Connecticut prior to the December 31st deadline. Initial media spin reports blamed it on [..]

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