RANGE DAY!  We head out to the 13C range with some of my favorite guns and some steel targets from​ on one of the nicest days here in 6 months. From the Springfield 1911 TRP to the PS90 with a new K9 charging handle from Homeland Guns​ all the way down to the SCAR17 […]

The review of the CTT Custom holster from Chi-Town Tactical  is live over the 13C YouTube Page  I give my thought thoughts on the holster as well as some considerations for carrying AIWB  – Appendix Inside Waist Band .    

StealthPro Ultra Concealment Armor

This is part 3 in an on going series on armor and armor choices for home defense and EDC. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I don’t personally feel the need to wear armor on a day to day basis but having something in the kit allows you the flexibility to have that option should […]

Soft armor for home defense or EDC.

This article is part 2 in an on going series.  Part 1 can be found HERE. In the past body armor was something most people didn’t seriously consider as part of their home defense strategy or for EDC.  As things start to come full circle, the idea of keeping armor with your home defense gun […]

Opening a Champagne Bottle with style.

Style and champagne go hand in hand.  Even in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse you are going to need to maintain some semblance of flair and dignity while also looking badass. Lets face it, when an overwhelming zombie horde is about to over run your position, you best bet is to dazzle them with […]

Spotlight: 2014 BullPup and Zombie shoot.

This year the annual Zombie Shoot at the Aurora Sportsman Club was combined with the 2014 BullPup shoot.  In the unlikely spot of Waterman, IL hundreds of BullPup fans and Zombie fanatics turned out for a action packed day of shooting. There were approximately  15 different “stages” at the event, including everything from Muzzle loading […]

First Look:  DPMS G2 Recon in .308

I’ve been asked for some time what .308 AR style rifle I’d recommend for those who don’t want to shell out the coin for something like a SCAR 17s or some of the high end AR-10 style rifles on the market.  I’ve been hesitant simply because it wasn’t something I’d personally ventured into and not […]

Adding Body Armor to your kit.

The first thought that pops into a persons mind when they hear body armor is usually “When would I need something like that?”.  It’s a fair question and one that I’ve frequently thought myself, considering I don’t currently find myself being shot at, let alone threatened with weapons any more, the subject of armor isn’t […]

Review of the Auto Reset target from Challenge Targets

The latest 13C review is live on You Tube. Since the first “PING!” I heard off a steel target I’ve loved them.  They are addictive and add another level to plinking or target shooting.  One of the down sides in the past to steel targets were their lack of portability.  A few manufactures have taken […]