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NLX223 Charging Handle from Next Level Armament

The AR-15 has come a long way over the past several decades and so has it’s charging handle. The need to be able to operate the charging handle [..]


Improved T-REx LT rail for the IWI Tavor

    About a year ago I reviewed the T-REx rail from Homeland Guns for the Tavor.  The rail was a excellent high quality solid piece of billet [..]

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Weaver Tactical 1-7x Dual Focal Plane Optic First look

Weaver has a new scope out and it’s getting some well deserved attention.  I picked up 1-7x24mm Tactical model and it’s several features I like rolled into one [..]


DPMS G2 vs SCAR17 accuracy testing w/ Federal Gold Medal Match ammo

I get asked time and again my favorite .308 rifle and to be honest the SCAR 17 still tops my list.  I was also getting asked, what about [..]

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Mobile target stands and building your own

As many of you know the 13C range is currently under construction, in fact it’s about a 1/3 done at this point. The problem I’ve been having in [..]


Spending money on quality gear. Is it worth it?

In need of a better, and more mobile, canopy for the new range project I was searching on the Costco website and in addition to finding a decent [..]


Beretta ARX-100 review, magazine compatibility and disassembly.

In our latest video we take a look at the Beretta ARX-100 and it’s features including a full review, changing ejection sides, changing the charging handle location as [..]

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FN has a new entry level AR. The FN15 1776 .

Right off the bat I have to say I love the name.  FN USA has a new AR15 out… I know, I know, hold on.  Yes the market [..]

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Thoughts on home defense and the PS90

As a homeowner, husband and father of three I have a lot of responsibilities and holing up in the master suite with a scatter gun simply isn’t in [..]


Hidden in plain sight, discrete firearm storage from Tactical Walls

Having a firearm available for self defense at all times is critical to being able to properly defend yourself.  While I am a huge proponent of “On body” [..]