My favorite carry method right now, Undertech undercover

Today I would like to introduce you to my new favorite concealed carry style. Undertech Undercover  Women’s Concealment Shorts.  I bought these from A well armed woman when they had their mother’s day discount sale. I must admit I have been super curios about these for a long time.  I would go to the site and […]

Griffin Armament Resistance 9 Silencer

Hearing loss is no joke and with more states relaxing laws on NFA (National Firearms Act) items such as Silencers it’s long over due for 13C to bring you more reviews of Silencers, sometimes also referred to as suppressors. Our review on the Resistance 9 from Griffin Armament is live over on our YouTube Page […]

Lethal Lace sexy and concealed.

While at SHOT Show I was able to meet with the inventor of Lethal lace.  Tessa Renaud has provided a product that I have been testing since SHOT Show. The things I will cover in this article are: what is Lethal Lace?  How it works and where can I get one?  I have taken my […]

X95 accuracy questions and answers.

By far the most asked question this week has been about my Tavor X95’s accuracy.  I managed to make it home from work in time on Friday to break out a rest and some match ammo and see just what I could squeeze out of my X95. Using some XM855 I had mixed results.  The […]

While at the Big 3 East Training Center last month I had a chance to sit down and talk with Scott from WAC Outdoors LLC . If you aren’t familiar with his channel or work, he deals with everything from Bow and arrow hunting, including primitive as well as hunting, fishing, survival and bushcraft skills. […]

CMMG Mutant Mk47 AKS13 review and reliability

In our initial first look video on the Mk47 AKS13 “Mutant” from CMMG we looked at some reliability and various upgrades in the second generation of Mutants I encountered at SHOTshow 2016 this year. After 2 months of shooting and testing we’re ready for the full review and I can officially give the 13C stamp […]

Adam from Palmetto State Armory joins us at the Spring 2016 Big 3 East event to talk about their new KS47 and Gen 2 PSA AK-47.  We also touch on their new 1911’s as well as their new 9mm offerings. Big 3 East Training Center Palmetto State Armory Check out the video at the 13C […]

Our new X95 Tavor, fresh from the factory

We’ve been reporting on the X95 from IWI for several months and we’ve been dying to get our own. There are several improvements and changes in the X95 and at the same time some of the things I love about the original Tavor are still maintained. The X95 keeps things like the 16.5″ cold hammer […]

For the past few months I have been wearing the Safeguard female Coolmax carrier. This carrier is made with female curves in mind. It’s lightweight, wears well and is also breathable. While wearing it in my everyday adventures it was hardly detectable by family and friends. I wore it while grocery shopping, running errands and […]

FN USA at the Big 3 East with their M249S and FN 15 series

While at the Big 3 East training center 13C visits with FN USA to shoot and talk about their Military Collectors series which includes the M249S and FN 15 series of rifles. We’ll have much more information about the Big 3 East over the upcoming weeks so make sure to join our mailing list.