SafeGuard Level IIIa soft body armor testing

We recently had the chance to test some Level IIIa body armor from SafeGuard Armor. From 9mm to 45acp, .22lr and 39spl+p it took a beating. Visit the 13C YouTube Channel for the full video and review:

Indiana Right to Hunt Amendment on the ballot this November, 2016

This November Hoosiers will have a chance to vote on Public Question 1, an Amendment to State Constitution protecting the Right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife. When this passes Indiana would join 19 other States who have taken steps to try and ensure un-elected bureaucrats can no longer unilaterally pass new regulations without first […]

F90 Atrax from Lithgow Arms at the Big 3 East - B3E

A look at the new F90 Atrax Bullpup from Lithgow Arms during the Fall 2016 Big 3 East event in Daytona, FLA. These two models were Select fire, aka Full-Auto, the civilian models will be semi-automatic only. Lithgow is hoping for an estimated shipping date for the Atrax around SHOT show 2017 (mid January).  13C […]

Integral 10/22 Suppressor from Yankee Hill Machine

We have the Yankee Hill Machine Integral 10/22 Suppressor in for testing from Silencer Shop . com and we answer your top questions on this barrel / silencer combo in our latest video live on the 13C YouTube Channel.

Rapid Take Down Kit from Mid America Armament

Mid America Armament has a new Rapid Take Down Kit out featuring a free float rail with a quick release lever and matching barrel nut to replace your existing barrel nut. The system allows you to go from a rifle broken down into several smaller components to a fully assembled ready to shoot rifle in […]

Griffin Armament Recce 7 - day and night

We take a look at the Griffin Armament Recce 7 from Silencer Shop.  The Recce 7 is a 30 caliber silencer rated for full auto fire and up to 300 win mag. Team it up with a CMMG Mk4 HT 300 blackout upper and some American Eagle Suppressor ammunition from Federal Premium and it’s one […]

Canik TP9SF review

Our review of the Canik TP9SF is live on YouTube.  The TP9SF is being imported by Century Arms and comes in at a very attractive price point. From Cerakote finish on top of the phosphate finish to 18 round Mecgar magazines and a match grade barrel, this handgun deserves a closer look, we think you’ll […]

BREAKING: Fast and Furious firearm possibly used in Paris Attacks.

As if the bungled “Fast and Furious” debacle couldn’t get any worse, there are reports breaking that one of the firearms used in the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, AZ and an individual with ties to the program. For those not familiar with the “fast and furious” program the short version is […]

American Eagle Fresh Fire packs in the 13C pond, 1 year results

After a year in the 13C pond and underneath a tree here at the hacienda we open up and shoot some Fresh Fire Packs from American Eagle by Federal Ammunition. These cans are nitrogen purged and “Water proof” and “Weather proof”.  The results are in and personally I don’t see how they could have preformed […]